About Diana

You spend years trying to figure life out. Life cannot be figured out. It has to be lived.

I came to this realization during my second pregnancy. So I decided to do just that:

to live life instead of trying so hard to figure out what the heck I was supposed to be doing right.

In deciding to live life I broke away from rigidity, awkward views of grandiosity, and opposing views of life. I broke away from the dichotomy that my life was for 15 years and embarked on this journey you are reading. I broke away from everything I am not, as I was not getting any better at it, and just getting older and becoming unhappier.

So I left that life I could not live, as it was not mine, and that is when the shit hit fan, and here we are today.

My name is Diana Giorgetti and you can say I am a jack of all trades, but not a jack of every trade. I guess you can say I know some jack, a lot of jack, but not all jack. But when it comes to jack, well, the president can help. When it comes to useful jack, I am happy to help.

I went to college as an older student, learned about creative writing, psychology, and earned a master’s degree in education and law.

The real juice, knowledge, and experience comes having hugged, slid, jumped, endured, advocated, enjoyed, beaten, loved, caressed, hated, taken, sliced, crashed, kissed, climbed, swam, drowned, conquered, and heart attacked life in ways far beyond my age.

I want to share my knowledge, experience, and lessons with my customers because they are my family and the reason I am here today. Experience is the best teacher, especially for those moments when life hurts.

I am the owner of Bateman’s Place, an online retailer focused on doing good things for good people, such as treating them like human beings, not credit card numbers. I guess you will test that one out for yourself.

I have a knowledge and experience in multiple life situations, industries, and interests ranging from special education law to technical scuba diving, from shooting sports to disability rights, from bad divorces to boosting your seal-esteem, from learning a new topic by devouring information about it to help others. I love helping people unleash their passions. From starting new paths mid-life, to building a new business, to discovering hidden talents and passions, or even rescuing animals, I love to help others. It’s like an obsession.

When I am not writing, marketing, cooking, resisting the current government through mockery, or looking for injustices to fix in the world, I am busy loving my two human children, my awesome boyfriend, and my other four children – my dogs.

Make me part of your family. Mingle with me through my blog, shop at BatemansPlace.com, or find me via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.